About The Loom

Axis Mundi is the first set of courses available on The Reclaiming Loom. The Reclaiming Loom is an online web-based learning platform, built using the community-sourced shared learning platform called Moodle. The Loom is custom-designed for the desktop environment. However, because it is web-based, it is also available to you from any device, just by going to the site from your usual web browser.
You can learn more about moodle in general from the main Moodle.org website.
Moodle FAQ's

Logging In

Shortly before the course starts you will receive an email with your username and password. These are your initial 'login credentials'. Once you receive this email, then you can go directly to: The Loom, or you can also get there by clicking the LOGIN button from the homepage of ReclaimingLoom.org

Demonstration Videos

We will be posting some short little demo videos here to help you get familiar with The Loom. Please check back to this page as we will be updating it in the next few days and weeks.

This is a short (3 minutes) video that shows the process of logging in to The Loom.
Logging In to The Loom

Changing the Number of Emails you get from the forums

There are also dozens of videos freely available on YouTube to learn more about how to use Moodle. We have posted a few of them here.

A very general Student Introduction to Moodle

Moodle's Mobile App

You do not need 'the app' to use The Loom. You can just use a browser.  The Reclaiming Loom is custom-designed for a web browser. However, it is also available from the Moodle Mobile App, as an option for folks who prefer it. If you find that your main device for interacting with The Loom is a mobile device, then you might choose to use the Moodle Mobile App.

Steps for setting up the mobile app. ( optional )

Here is a very quick animated demo of the Moodle Mobile 2.0 App